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Marooned in Hawaii: NEW ETEC 40 Jet Missing/popping cylinders 6 weeks later and still won't work!

We posted a message on this site on September Marroned in Hawaii ETEC 40 Jet missing cylinders,

Sept 24, 2019

Evinrude Consumer Case number 1949831


Over past 6 weeks BRP's Honolulu service representatives, Navatec, have spent a couple of days and 4 trips to the Yacht and replaced parts per BRP tech recommendations,including : spark plugs, injectors,coils,Etc,EMM computer. Still no go and Navatec now claim tha problem is with the hull shape of the boat.

Please listen to this audio recording made this morning November6. 

What do you think you are hearing?  Sorry..... the mp3 audio won't attach here

2 E-TEC and yamaha mechanics here in Honolulu have listened to the motor run . Both agree that the motor is missing cylinders and popping at all rpm's. One thinks the reed valves are possibly broken, Another wounders if the crank is slightly out of position.If anyone wanto to hear the motor running and give an opininon please go to youtube

"Brand New E-TEC Evenrude 40 Jet missing and backfiing"

The Honolulu BRP dealer thinks that there is NO Problem so they want to be paid T&M to do the warantee work.

When do BRP respond with a 

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Re: Marooned in Hawaii: NEW ETEC 40 Jet Missing/popping cylinders 6 weeks later and still won't work



Because your motor has a case number that means that Evinrude After Sales support is in charge of the situation. You can contact Evinrude with the serial number and case number at http://www.brp.com/en/forms/contact-us.html




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