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Re: My 2000 Ram E200fplssh will not start !



That's understood got it.


I will restructure my questions and post again.


Regarding, DFI.  The EMM is fine.  The problem is somewhere in the electrical circuit.


I am working with the ONLY certified Ficht mechanic in South OC (I am slipped in Dana Point).


The E-Tec Dealers in the area referred me to him.




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Re: My 2000 Ram E200fplssh will not start !



While you may not be around from 2014, I hope someone here still has opinions and input on 2000 Ficht 200 hp engines.  i have the same make and model.  AND the same problem real-time.  I've been fighting with it for four weekend now.


It is not the EMM, per the tech center.


As I posted two weeks back.  The engine wouldn't start with no warning.  Worked find to get me out 1.5 miles out of Dana Point.  Worked find for a couple of reposition runs (fishing on the drift).  Then nothing but crank...crank...crank.


I've check:

   30psi fuel pressure

   good fuel: pulls a quart from the squeeze bulb

   good fuses: good in box (10A's) and main 20A

   cranking at ~250 rpm

   shot quick start in intakes - no combustion

   pulled 4 of 6 plugs and gap is good


I am working with a certified Ficht in the area (only one for 30 miles).  I may need to pull the boat out of my slip, which means renting a truck and trailer i.e. $$$.  I did that four months back and the Ficht Mech did a full tune up and service.  That's why he is walking me through a dozen narrow it down tasks.  


This weekend I am checking the Capacitor and Starter Solenoid.


But I am hoping to hear other suggestions here, which I will attempt on Saturdays until I narrow this issue down.




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Re: My 2000 Ram E200fplssh will not start !



If no ignition when trying to restart, those older style EMMs often were the problem, but would then start after a long time to cool down internally.  Off shore sometimes removing the motor cover for quicker cool down helped. The BRP built EMMs have better quality and higher temp rated components.

To know for sure, you have to troubleshoot the whole system when the motor is not starting.




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