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New 300G2 Overheating

My new motor has hit high temp alarm when running above 5000 and trying to trim out. Only has done a few times. Have approximately 30hrs on it and seems to have done since day dot. Jack plate down, trimmed down to start, and then starts to increase as trimming out. Not a pressure problem and always check water flow. Shallow water boat however many like it out there so not an uncommon setup. Has never gone to safe mode just seems like water not getting away fast enough.


Initially took back to dealer and checked some things but did it again. Took it back and said port head is clogged. Pulled thermostat and seemed to keep temp down and had more water flow. They were able to keep me on the water until I could leave it with them for proper diagnosis and repair.


Boat currently at dealer having port head changed out due to not enough water making it way through motor. Said there were some issues at factory about not cleaning out properly and had metal shavings. Told me guarantee this is issue that they have seen before on several. All being covered under warranty however brand new motor and not being disturbed. Just sits uneasy with me with less than 30 hours. Have nothing to go by but what they are saying. Very reputable dealer and sell a ton of these motors. Hope I get back a beast but honestly a little nervous.


Any info greatly appreciated. Hope I explained well enough for some responses. 


Model number E300LUAG
Serial number 05499084

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Re: New 300G2 Overheating

Any similar problems out there. Being told found metal shavings in cylinder head.? Anything?

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Re: New 300G2 Overheating

Some of the early engines, perhaps yours, had machining debris that was not properly cleaned out before assembly but relatively few motors encountered that condition. The production line and inspection procedures were improved as soon as it was discovered.




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