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New Guy on the block.

Hello all,

Will be getting my first new boat delivered this week. Getting a 2019 Alumacraft Trophy 185 with an new Evinrude Etec 150 (not G2) on the back :-). This will actually be the second boat in my yard as I still own my old boat and will be using it as a restoration project with a friend and will probably get a second Evinrude eventually for it. The old boat is a 1989 Ebbtide Dyna-Trak 180 SS with the Johnson GT 150 that still runs. Looking forward to any advice and knowledge sharing in the community and many upcoming fishing trips. 


Currently my 2 favorite places to fish are Lake Osakis and Mille Lacs in MN. 


I know they say there is no break in period but I do welcome any advice for a new owner and do plan on running the XD100 since I hear it is better for the engine and runs cleaner.

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Re: New Guy on the block.

Your dealer should cover this but.
Do not use a warm up lever or advance the throttle to start the engine.
Flushing the engine through the rear flush port without running the engine will flush it properly and eliminate the possibility of water pump damage from loose fitting flush muffs.
Otherwise, turn key to start engine, give it 5 minutes warm up time before running hard, then run it like you want to. After any long periods of slow speed running give it a chance to burn the carbon out by running some over 5000 rpm.
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Re: New Guy on the block.

A few other thoughts.
Install an on board water separating fuel filter.
Your engine will behave best if you keep it happy.
These engines do not like drinking water or stale fuel.
They do not like having to sit in the corner in the garage.
They really enjoy getting beside a 4 stroke that is trying to get on plane and showing them how an Etec can just jump up on plane and leave them in their dust.