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New (used) G2s, a couple of questions for the experts

I just sold my old boat with a single G2 300 and bought a boart with twin 300 G2. It flies! 


Engines are from 2015, serial # 05429704 #05420292.


Question 1: Can i tilt the motors individually? The seller told me I can´t but that seems strange. There is a tie-bar between them.


Question 2: One of the tilt motors sounds "off" (it was recently fixed). It tilts up and down but sounds "weak" and makes a small "drop" between tilt and trim. Normal? Whart can i do about it?


Querstion 3: RPM Sync works great however there is usually a 2-400 RPM difference (and about 10% in fuel consumption) the throttle % does not read the same on both engines even when synced. Normal? 


Question 4: Even with the master tilt switch the engines do not perfectly sync tilt. Normal? I.e. when planing there will be a small difference in tilt between engines.


Question 5: Steering is quite a bit heavier than for my previous single G2 installation. Normal?


Question 6: There are two fuel/water separators externally part #502905. Is there a see through replacement? I like to be certain nothing is wrong before i go on a longer trip Smiley Happy


Other than these small things these engines are greatSmiley Happy


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Re: New (used) G2s, a couple of questions for the experts

The tie bars have enough swivel on the end to allow one engine to tilt up. Sounds like you may have air in your tilt system making noise, the slight drop, and the engines not trimming the same with the master switch. Both engines have to be trimmed fully down so they both start at the same place for the master switch to have them trim equally. I have not installed but one set of twins G2's but their sync rpm was the same. May need a dealer to calibrate the throttles.
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Re: New (used) G2s, a couple of questions for the experts




B32014  complete Racor kit - contains plastic bowl and filter element #S3214 for OMC/BRP Evinrude filter bracket  

S3214    Racor replacement filter element for OMC/BRP brackets  - you clean and reuse the plastic bowl, new O-rings are included with the filter.




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Re: New (used) G2s, a couple of questions for the experts

My suggestion above about calibrating throttles was incorrect since the sync button switches to the left throttle lever only.