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Optimal Efficiency

My boat/motor combo is only a couple weeks old.  I'm still feeling her out and collecting data before I change anything, but i think my motor needs to be raised.


The hull is a fiberglass bay boat, 1850lbs dry, 19'2" long with an 8' beam.  Very dry boat.  Max rated for 150hp which i selected.  The motor is mounted in the 2nd hole from the top (have 2 more to go) and the AV plate is about 1.5" above the bottom of the boat.  Once on plane, at all RPM ranges and all trim ranges, i'm NOT able to see the AV plate.  However, there is a lot of spray so I'm not sure if the motor needs to come up nor how much.


My transom is not perfectly flat, as you can see in the pic below.  There section with the drain plug is set in from the transom where the motor is mounted.  The Garmin transducer on the starboard side could also be causing some spray. The prop is a Viper 16"p and i'm able to get 5750 RPMS @ WOT around 45mph depending on conditions.  I feel that i'm propped correctly, but how do i know if the spray is from the motor being too low or from the transom?  Should I raise the motor?  Two weeks old and the dealer wants $110 to raise the motor.  Haven't been pleased with their service from the start, but they had the boat/motor combo that best suited my needs (and my wallet).



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