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Shift Actuator Loses Calibration

I have a 2013 300hp etec that will not shift into reverse all the way, clutch dog drags.  I have calibrated the shift actuator two times as the adjustment is out by almost a half an inch.  Each time it works fine for a short time then reverts back to exactly the same "out of calibration" setting.  Would like to know if this is something the electronic servo module is causing?  Is the calibration setting is stored in the ESM?


The only other problem the motor has is that the icon control shows a blinking amber light and a fault indicating low voltage to the EMM.  Turning the key off and on a couple of times makes this problem go away, but it comes back everytime the boat sets for a day.  I have a suspicion the two problems may be related. 


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.