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Sudden loss of power, no oil registered on warning light, plenty of oil in reservoir.



I have owned my E TEC 150 hp for the last 10 years. It is the only outboard I have ever owned and bought if from new.


Today was the first time it let me down while heading out, it lost power for no apparent reason. it was idleing fine but no power when throttleing up.


I remember reading once if the oil ran dry, the engine went into a mode that didnt allow high revs, but will get you home at an idle. Anyway, I had plenty of oil but I figired there may have been a computer malfunction or something.


I tried to squeeze the bulb to push oil through to the engine, but it felt like it was solid as I could not squeeze it at all. I use Evenrude Gold label oil and service the engine at 3 year intervals, at an approved Evenrude Service centre.


I dont use the boat nearly enough, in 10 years the engine has roughly 130 hours in total.


Aside from the oil issue today, the only other complaint I have is the throttle control. It has always been very difficult to get the engine to go from idle to desired speed, in one smooth motion. From idle, moving the throttle up, the throttle arm can move like to one third full before anything happens. Then with no warning, its nearly launching out of the water. In the early days, if passengers were not hanging on, they would often lose their balance and fall.


The same effect when powering down, throttle down for about one third of the throttle movement before anything happened, then power would be off very quickly. 


I have had the service centre look at it, the place I bought the boat and set it all up say there is nothing wrong with it. I have adjusted the tensions on the throttle arm and nothing helps. The one thing I have not done is replace the throttle cable as I feel it is too long and there is excess cable looped up between the control and the engine. The cable has 17 Feet printed on it and from the control to the engine is roughly 12 Feet.


If you can help me with these 2 things that would make my day.


Thanks, Rob.  

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Re: Sudden loss of power, no oil registered on warning light, plenty of oil in reservoir.



It could be something very simple such as starting the motor with the throttle even slightly open. If that happens, the engine computer will not let the motor accelerate. The motor will only run correctly if started with the throttle completely closed.


The same thing could happen if any part of the throttle linkage becomes sticky or out of adjustment keeping the throttle slightly open.  Your dealer can check that out for you and see if service bulletin 2014-02(S) applies to your motor.




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