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Temp problems????

I had a steering issue  on E300XUAGD Ser # 05484006 and it turned out to be a sensor.My dealer dropped it in the water yesterday and I drove it back to my dock.I saw the temp go past the arrow in the middle of the temp scale for the first time ever on both my 300s. The one that had the sensor changes went between the arrow in the middle of the temp scale and the red at the end of it.I do have the cooling kits for the #6 pistons on each engine and my dealer said it has the latest updates.
I ran around 3600 Rpms for about 20 minutes and no codes or horn came on but saw the temps running higher then I ever have.When I go off a plane and ran around 1000 Rpms on both to my dock for for around 15 minutes and the temps we cooler then they usually run at the Rpm so not sure if I have a issue.I have around 40 hours on each engine.I never got a horn go off or any codes at all.I took these at the same time.015.JPG011.JPG