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To Gotham by Skiff

I placed this message on the Community list.  I wouldn't ordinarily double post a message.  I'm doing so in this rare case because I think what follows is, in a certain way, about performance -- distance performance.


Several years ago I found a book written by a would-be but born-too-late explorer who bought an ELTO 3 hp from Ole Evinrude and mounted it on a 16 foot wooden boat and set off on a unique long distance cruise in that small craft.  He crossed Green Bay to Lake Michigan, up Michigan into Lake Huron, down Georgian Bay to Port Severn where he entered the Severn section of the Trent-Severn Canal.  (The last locks of the Severn branch of the canal were only completed after WWI.)  He traveled thorough the canal system to Trenton, Ontario where he crossed the narrow eastern end of Lake Ontario to enter the Erie Canal and from there went on to New York City.


Lewis called his book "To Gotham by Skiff."  Older readers will remember that "Gotham" was the name used for New York in Superman comic books back before television.


I am interested in re-tracing his steps though not in a wooden boat with a 3 hp. engine.  I have a two year old Evinrude 60 hp.  I spend the summer on the Pickerel River from which it is easy enough to get out onto Georgian Bay.  I'm thinking of increasingly longer trips, probably starting out from the village of Britt, ONtario or the Key River for the first few ventures.


I'd be interested in hearing from anyone else to whom such distance travel appeals.


Michael (Mickey) Posluns.