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VST/Pump sound

Hi Everyone,

I've got E75DPLSDA engine with serial 05129006 which I bought last autumn. It has done only 120h, where 20h was done by me last month.
The issue is lack of power/misfire/surges on RPM over 2.5k.
Below 2.5k engine runs without any issues, it is always starting without any problems. 

I believe issues is related to fuel supply. Water separator and inline are brand new. I've also checked the strainer in a lift pump - looks like brand new. 
Fuel lines are old but looks good from inside and outside. Old fuel filter was clean and very old.

Moving towards the engine I've started to check VST/HP pump. I've noticed it does make rather disturbing noise when manually started from diag software. I can also hear it while idling and removal of power from pump make it stop.

Here is my poor pump sound:



What do you think about it ? I doubt it is normal.
My 2 ideas area:
- due to lack of use, something corroded in the pump and new VST is needed
- something is blocking pump inlet and it is running a bit dry. 

I'm planning to put boat on a trailer tomorrow to remove cowlings and take VST apart.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Re: VST/Pump sound

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I have a 2015 115HO that sounds almost exactly the same. I've been told in another forum that this noise is commonly caused by water damage (I'm assuming corrosion). You can listen to it here https://youtu.be/T-oq9Bw1XSQ


I'm having problems with the engine stalling at low rpm in gear. Would be very interested in your findings.