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Voltage Regulator - 98 200 Ocean Pro - BRP, What did you do?

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I just bought a new Voltage Regulator/Rectifier for my motor.


The original (OMC) Voltage Regulator (P/N 586271) has (4) connections 


(1 ) large plug - double yellow wires (to power pack)


(1) red wire with eyelet terminal (to starter solonoid)


(1) Purple wire (wire plug) to lower access cover ( plug harness) 


(1) Gray wire (wire plug) to lower access cover  ( plug harness) 


I went on the BRP parts Catalog site for my motor, and ordered the correct  Voltage Regulator (P/N 586271) for a 98 (98200EXTCM) as shown on the OEM parts list.


When it arrived, I discovered that this new Regulator (stamped 586271) has only (3) connections Both the OMC and BRP parts look identical are are stamped with the same P/N number.


The purple wire lead coming from the new Regulator is missing, so now I have the correct part (supposidly) but the BRP unit does not have the Purple (tach pulse?) wire.


I'm afriad to install this, because I will be leaving one wire connection open (there is no purple wire provided on this new to regulator to connect to the empty plug socket on my motor, and I'm afraid it won't work.


Can anyone tell me (Bill) If I should be concerned?  That missing purple lead goes right to the access panel where the harness plugs in, so I know its a supply line, or did the BRP design re-route it somehwere else?


I know this is the right part Number for this motor, it fits the motor , the BRP unit looks a little different underneath (water side) of the Regulator, but it does fit.


I just spent a lot of money on this part, and feel dead in the water.







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Re: Voltage Regulator - 98 200 Ocean Pro - BRP, What did you do?

Back in 2000 the regulator was redesigned and the purple sense wire was no longer needed, Dealers received a service bulletin about the change almost 17 years ago.


Tape up and secure the existing wire on the engine harness and be sure it will not short out.




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Re: Voltage Regulator - 98 200 Ocean Pro - BRP, What did you do?

Thank you, Bill


I had to hear it from someone who knew about this.


I will proceed with the installation and install.