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Re: Water pump problems with 25/30 hp E-tecs

Sounds like you did it correctly
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Re: Water pump problems with 25/30 hp E-tecs

Hello Folks Im Morgan

I have a 2015 etec 25 hp that I need to change the impellar on. Hopefully thats all. The mod number is E25DGTEABF

I have a question about dropping the lower unit. Ive got all the bolts out but it wont release. Ive watched some videos of larger e tecs and they have to disconnect the shift linkage. Is this also correct for my motor? Thanks 

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Re: Water pump problems with 25/30 hp E-tecs

I have the same problem here in NZL - my 2009 etec 30hp went into limp mode with no tell tail and an over heating light on the ECU.

Back on shore I replaced the water pump and ran the motor in a large drum to again check the tell tail - no water coming out of it. But if I primed the water pump via the back wash under the exhaust on the rear of the motor it pumped out well.

Any ideas? THe pump works but seems to be not priming.

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Re: Water pump problems with 25/30 hp E-tecs


Most of the time your problem is easlily solved by submerging the gearcase deeper into the water. Look for the line where the gearcase bolts to the midsection and make sure it is about 1" under water. Only run the motor in the tank in neutral and do not rev it. On a boat in the water is the only true way to test the cooling system or to trouble shoot an overheating condition.




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