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Yamaha to Etec - Scared to dealth

Been searching forums for info on 2018-2019 ETECS to see users experience and I am not finding much activity.  Hoping to get some recent experiences from this post....

So I am a long time Yamaha fan.  My 2001 OX66 250 was stolen last week.  I was looking at either a new  Yamaha 250 or 300.  A friend kept bugging me to look at the new G2.  I was not interested.  BUT then I heard about the 10 year non-declining warranty.  Started looking at G2 and was impressed.  Talkedto 3 big dealers and they all said BRP was great to work with and have stood behind the motors and that there weren't many issues.

As my friend said, "I would buy a Tohatsu if it had that warranty".  So I closed the deal yesterday and get the motor this weekend.


Now in the 9th hour I have found some really bad recent stories out there on two sites

I am scared to dealth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Really feel like a have taken a HUGE gamble here. I am getting cold feet.


Is there any recent threads out there with positive owners reviews?  Any owners polls out there?

Anyone have any thoughts to share?????

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Re: Yamaha to Etec - Scared to dealth

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I am in the same boat as you Smiley Happy  My new boat is being built and my G1 135HO is sitting patiently in the shop to be installed.  I have had months to talk to people who have Etecs on their boats.  At times when at the wharf I will make a point of chatting, watching and seeking out owners.  I hear nothing but good stories about their experiences and remember one guy that said his engine has been under water twice now and is still running.  Ha.


I have also seen and read some of those 'horror stories' but they exist on every manufacturer's engine.  Like someone on here recently noted, you don't know the 'back stories' on those engines.  Did they get their three year maintenance checks?  What were the installs like?  Are they running aftermarket or poorly done battery cables?  What condition are their fuel lines?  Are they using quality fuel?  Are they using the proper fuel conditioners etc?  


I too got the 10 year warranty.  And to be honest at this point I just find Yamaha and Mercury to be boring and in my neck of the woods neither have shops that have a good reputation.  The best shop in our area sells Evinrude and Honda.  So for me it was a bit of a no brainer.  I know the owner of the shop and he has said for years that Evinrude has been good to deal with and that their products are holding up very well.  He said they had a couple of glitchy years but the new offerings are great.


If you aren't finding much activity and feedback on the newer Etecs, that's a good thing Smiley Wink


Good luck  Smiley Happy  You will love it.

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Re: Yamaha to Etec - Scared to dealth

I posted this on the other thread but re-posting for this OP

I have a 250 G2 with 300 hrs on it now since May 2018. Had a couple issues (exhaust sensor and a bad cable for the public network) both resolved within a reasonable time.
I had a 2012 250 ETEC G1 prior that had 2500 hrs on it
The Good:
Noise level isn't any different (didn't think it would be) but I had no complaints about it before either. 23 ft Proline w closed transom. We can converse at normal voice at both idle and running. I guess since I've never had a 4 stroke I don't know how much more quiet they are. BUt unless you need to whisper...the noise level is fine w us
The torque of this motor is amazing. As an example, when u are in decent seas and u r cruising along on a plane and the bow dips into a wave, this motor doesn't even fart!. There is no change in RPM. Now I'm not talking about the big wave that throws spray all over..
Major difference from the G1
Fuel mileage is better than my G1. On a day of offshore fishing for dolphin, all gear, ice, 4 people, 50 gal gas I covered 95 miles last weekend and user 28 gal of gas and about 1/2 gal of oil. And I did a lot of running ...probably more than 50% of that was running, the rest trolling.
I also like the extra room now at the transom w the rigging being out of the way and no steering arm
Also for those that keep their boats in the water, the trim and tilt is part of the motor, not part of the transom bracket so it is completely out of the water
And you can view your LU fluid easily to see it's condition/color
Steering assist is nice..not a big deal though for a single engine. And there have been a lot of issues posted on steering issue but knock on wood...mine is fine so far.

The not so good:
I'm not crazy about the side covers and those the little 1/4 turn locks seem fragile..but we'll see.
I don't like the oil level reading. Motor has to be at about 0 trim to get an accurate reading and that's not really possible on a trailer. You can see it if u take off the starboard side cover.
I haven't changed the plugs yet and that will be a choir bc u have to take off the starboard "exoskeleton".

Changed the LU fluid last week just becasue (2nd time now since new) easy to do

Overall..I really like this motor.

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Re: Yamaha to Etec - Scared to dealth

I'm in exactly the same situation, only ever had Yamaha and Mercs. Recently bougth a boat I always wanted but came with a 2007 Rude 115 etec with 76 hrs on it, looks brand new. I was scared to death (still am) I'm use to working on my own motors as there are no shops close by and being an engineer I enjoy doing the maintenance myself. Unfortunately these motors are so advance it is not a do it yourself motor. After running it a bit I feel better, and quite impressed with it, very quiet, but not really the fuel economy I was expecting. So I also still need some more convincing to keep it and not swop it out with a yamaha. When it comes to maintenance the Yamaha only needs plugs, fuel filter, a impellar and gearbox oil change and maybe a carb clean and cost next to nothing and takes a hour to do. The etec plugs alone (4) cost more than the complete service of the yamaha. Then you have to worry about indexing, air in the lines, bleeding needs to be done, you need the software etc. (from what I have read so far) The XD100 oil is very expensive, all the parts are very specialised and not freely available (over here). Parts for the yamaha you can buy at your local car parts store (in South Africa). I guess age is not just a number because old habits die hard. I love the look of the etec, got beautifull lines, looks awesome on the water. I guess time will tell if I grow to love this motor or not. This far I am keepin it, but if it gives me issues I'm probably going to swop it out. I dunno, maybe (",)

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Re: Yamaha to Etec - Scared to dealth

deejaycee,. You are comparing the ease of owner servicing of an old carbureted engine to an Etec engine. New Yamahas are computer controlled fuel injection also. Service specs on the Etec state to check or replace spark plugs at 300 hours, many of them get 500 hours out of plugs. If oil lines need to be bled it can be done with the self winterization procedure so the diagnostic software is not needed. Most cases of high fuel and oil consumption are due to over propping, prop it to turn 5800 rpm. The G1 engines can be set to run XD-50 oil.
The G2 engine is a big step up in performance over the G1 engines. Side panel removal is very easy and gives access to any normal service items.
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Re: Yamaha to Etec - Scared to dealth

@jwbuddy386 wrote:

Been searching forums for info on 2018-2019 ETECS to see users experience and I am not finding much activity.  Hoping to get some recent experiences from this post....

Any owners polls out there?

Anyone have any thoughts to share?????





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The factory recommends that a properly trained technician service your Johnson or Evinrude outboard motor. Should you elect to perform repairs yourself, use caution, common sense, and observe safety procedures in the vicinity of flammable liquids, around moving parts, near high-temperature components, and working with electrical or ignition systems.

The information offered here is only general in nature and should not be construed as complete factory approved procedures, techniques, or specifications. Always use the proper service manual for your motor, up-to-date service literature, the correct tools, and have an understanding of how to proceed with troubleshooting and repair methods. If you are unsure or uncomfortable with a procedure, a situation, or a technique, enlist the services of a factory trained technician.

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Re: Yamaha to Etec - Scared to dealth

I went from 14 trouble-free years of owning a yamaha to a G1 ETEC.  I felt the same way... like I was gambling on a new product.  I've owned my motor for 2 years and it's been great!  Starts on the first turn of the key even after sitting for several months over the winter.


I got the 8 year warranty when i purchased so that brings a lot of comfort too, but it just made the most sense for my setup.  It is 10% lighter than the comparable hp yamaha, has a ton of torque that yam doesn't have, and the maintenance is easier.


I can't speak to the new G2, but i think they solve a need, look cool, and are the future of outboards.  It feels kinda like when chevy started making fun of Ford's aluminum body... and now chevy has aluminum hood, doors, and tailgate.

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Re: Yamaha to Etec - Scared to dealth

Yep I know, I am a general stubborn person who doesn't like change, so it will take time for me to get use to the unknown.
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Re: Yamaha to Etec - Scared to dealth

I have a 2  plus year old g2 250ho that has had it's problems,  several powerhead replacements. 2 were not BRP's fault however I have never been off the water longer than 1 week the service was excelent. BRP even sent a tech down to check that the last power head was installed correctly. They took it for a ride with the laptop hooked up to it and so far so good. I have buddies with other brand engines that had to wait 2 month on parts so everybody has it's problems.

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