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e-Tech G2 Hydraulic Steering Failure Due to Fluid Leak

Hi All, 


This is just an FYI for the DIY'ers. I have a 2018 200HP G2 and noticed my steering was getting wonky. I also discovered I was leaking fluid in the water from the engine area. After speaking with the dealer mechanic, he told me there are torx screws (maybe for service/draining?) on each side of the motor just below the hydraulic fluid line inlets that sometimes are not tightened properly from the factory. This results in leaking hydraulic fluid when put under pressure by turning. It's a simple fix of just tightening the screw (and refilling the lost hydraulic fluid) but be mindful that it's an aluminum screw and easy to strip. Your dealer mechanic could give you the exact torque requirements if your trying to avoid a trip to the dealer and want to tackle yourself.