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Re: e-tec 25 hp loses power at high rpm

Thx you for your response. I put a new fuel line on today a different style of one and clamps and switched from a 10.3 *12 prop witch came on the motor to a 11*9. pitch prop and took the boat out today. it run right up to 5900 rpm and did not go in to safe mode. run the motor around for about hour and half with no problems seeming to arise. hopefully it is fixed and this post will help some body alse. The motor dos seem to sit a couple of inches high. the top fins are about two inches above the bottom of boat. I notice some Cavitation when making a turn at top end and if I trimmed it up. this might be part of the problem two I’m not sure. Any suggestions on how to lower the motor a couple of inches. it is all ready in top holes and lip is tight to Transom. Also the lake was rough first run when motor was dropping into safe mode and flat on second run when motor had no problems. Not sure if that would matter or not.