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engine won't start - alarm and codes 19,20,21,33,36

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I tried to start my 2015 G2 225HO engine today and got the alarm and 5 pages (or possible?) codes 19,20,21,33,36.  All three lights are flashing on the throttle as if it is not in neutral.  Moving the throttle forward and back and playing around with the key and safety latch does nothing.  Batteries are good.  Any ideas on at least getting it running so I can get it on the trailer and bring it back to the dealer ? (again).


Thanks,  Steve


Also was wondering about warranty and how to check that - serial number 05435191

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Re: engine won't start - alarm and codes 19,20,21,33,36



Most likely there is a break or disconnection in the network wiring as the control is not receiving the correct signals that it is looking for.




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Re: engine won't start - alarm and codes 19,20,21,33,36

Your extended (B.E.S.T.) warranty coverage is through 06/2020
First place to check network cable connections is under the front cover of the engine as these flex a bit with steering.
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Re: engine won't start - alarm and codes 19,20,21,33,36

All the codes you cited are being sourced from the control head.  Code 19 indicates the control head cannot hear messages from the engine EMM on the Private network.  Code 20 indicates the control head cannot hear messages from the engine EMM on the Public (NMEA 2000) network.  Code 21 indicates the control head has lost all communication with the engine which would be expected as both the Private and Public networks have lost communication with the engine EMM.


Code 33 (Main ground disconnected) is the result of a discontinuity in one of the signal lines in the Private network between the control head and engine.  This is further evidence of the problem with the Private network integrity.  Code 36 means the control head is waiting for engine neutral condition.  This is the fault which is causing all the control head lights to flash.


The Private and Public netwoks provide redundant communication paths between the control head and the engine.  Since both are down, there is no way for the control head to know what state the engine is in and no way for the engine to respond to what the control head may be commanding.


Based upon your post, I'm going to assume the faults you cited were obtained from a NMEA 2000 connected instrument.  The fact that you observed these codes indicates that the Public network is intact between the instrument and the control head.  Since you didn't report any EMM sourced faults and you probably don't have any engine data being displayed on the instrument, the area of Public network damage is somewhere between the control head/instrument and the engine.


I'd begin by looking in the engine rigging area around where the Private and Public networks get connected to the engine.  Perhaps not enough slack in rigging has caused strain and failure of the network cables through use.


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Re: engine won't start - alarm and codes 19,20,21,33,36

I had to leave for a few days for work, so I apoligise for not getting back to you guys.  I do appreciate your time and efforts to help and wanted to say thanks.  I am told the problem ended up being a loose negative cable post on the engine.  In any event that was enough for me to leave the boat at the marina and trade it in.  It has been a long three years of continuing engine, electrical and steering problems problems, and who knows, but I have had enough.  


So I am out, but wish you all the best luck,