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too cold out

 my one year old 40 hp almost run;s the battery down before it will start

when the temp. get;s to 30 or lower. I thought they were suposed to start on

the first revolution! this is with bat. at full charge. what;s up!!!

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Re: too cold out

Any number of factors can affect cold weather starting.


You did not provide any specific information, so at this time I can only supply some generalizations.


 - Minimum battery requirement is 800 Cold Cranking Amp (1000 MCA) 107 amp-hr when the outboard is used below 32° F (0° C).

 - If the outboard will be operated in temperatures below freezing (32°F, 0°C), use Evinrude/Johnson

 - Make sure battery cable connections are clean (no corrosion), and tight. Wing nuts must NOT be used to connect battery cables to the battery. The requirement calls for hex nuts with lock washers.

 - Check the "specific gravity" of each cell in the battery or have the battery "load tested" by your dealer. A bad cell in the battery can cause hard starting in colder weather.

 - A voltage drop test is outlined in the service manual. Your dealer can perform this test to determine if there is a loose ground, or a problem with a cable, the starter solenoid, or starter motor.



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Re: too cold out

thanks john, there are wing nuts on the battery .

the battery is 1000 cca and i had the oil switched  to xd100

about two months after i got it. i;ll replace the wing nuts and see

if that helps.

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Re: too cold out

Shame on whoever installed the battery. Johnson and Evinrude have preached and published for over a quarter of a century not to use wing nuts on battery connections.


Make sure that both the cable ends and the battery terminals are shiny and clean before installing the hex nuts and lockwashers.




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The factory recommends that a properly trained technician service your Johnson or Evinrude outboard motor. Should you elect to perform repairs yourself, use caution, common sense, and observe safety procedures in the vicinity of flammable liquids, around moving parts, near high-temperature components, and working with electrical or ignition systems.

The information offered here is only general in nature and should not be construed as complete factory approved procedures, techniques, or specifications. Always use the proper service manual for your motor, up-to-date service literature, the correct tools, and have an understanding of how to proceed with troubleshooting and repair methods. If you are unsure or uncomfortable with a procedure, a situation, or a technique, enlist the services of a factory trained technician.