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water discharge port

New to the site & first time boat owner. So I have a 2007 ETEC 200 & my question is about the water discharge port. I spoke to a friend who has same year/model ETEC & he told me that I should have an adapter with a small 90 degree tube attached to that water discharge port. Apparently you can manually adjust the location which it discharges the water to visibly see it flowing & Im assuming it may also provide some sort of back pressure. Right now my discharge port is basically just a 3/8's tube sticking out. Water flows out of it fine but Id like to get the proper piece if anyone knows what Im talking about, if so do you know where I can purchase it or a part number because I tried locating on Evinrude without much luck?  And no Im not referring to the hose connection for flushing the motor.



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Re: water discharge port

Research flush port adapter on this Web site . You will find several articles on adapters. You have to be careful not to restrict water flow. You can cause engine damage by overheating. As is said in the milirary. If they want you to have one they will issue you one.
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Re: water discharge port



Your 200 HP is a 2.6L degree block V6 and the water telltale plumbing is also the cooling water stream for the EMM and the fuel vapor separator and pump.  The flow cannot be restricted at all without causing an overheat condition in those components.


Your friend's 200 is probably the 3.3L degree V6 which has a different cooling system design for the EMM and VST.  That engine's tell-tale is pressurized water directly from the water pump outlet and has not even reached the powerhead yet. Those motors have a screw-on flusher cap with a small hole to direct the high pressure water stream.



Some enterprising owners have come up with ingeneous solutions to monitor the water flow on the inline and 60 degree motors.



E-TEC tell-tale 60 degree  low-rez.jpg




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