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Supporting Roles - Unsurpassed Customer Service

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Just like in the movies where talented actors and actresses who are not the headliners are seen in the background and are essential to the film, Evinrude's After-Sales Support group performs the same function. These dedicated and highly-skilled factory personnel are the ones who answer the customer service phone lines, train the technicians, and provide technical help to the dealers should an unusual situation arise. Each person on the support team directly or indirectly affects every Evinrude owner and their on the water enjoyment.


Located in Sturtevant, Wisconsin, south of Milwaukee and west of Racine, the Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) facility is the headquarters for Evinrude Outboards. Other buildings on the grounds are the engine assembly plant and the soon to be completed Evinrude Engineering Center.




As an Evinrude owner in the U.S. or Canada you have a customer service hotline direct to the factory to answer any questions about your motor or  to suggest a service facility if needed. They can also initiate the warranty transfer procedure if you purchased a used E-TEC with factory coverage still in force.  It is also the place to call if there is a grievance that a consumer would like to discuss. Unlike some other companies, the Evinrude Customer Service lines are manned by factory trained technicians, not by "information takers" located somewhere outside of the country. Every person on the phones in the After-Sales Contact Center is either a Certified Evinrude Technician or a Master Evinrude Technician and who undergoes frequent training on the latest outboards.


If you require their services, you will be talking to a professional tech who may normally resolve any questions with one call. It is imperative to have the engine's serial number handy if you take advantage of this customer service as that is the only way to identify the engine and to update its history and its information.




Your dealer is required to employ factory trained technicians to have your engine installed on the boat and to keep it maintained and operating correctly. Training centers are located around the country to save travel costs for the technician and various courses are offered to constantly update and improve the technical person's education and skill levels. Techs train on actual powerheads pre-rigged with various problems to teach systems and troubleshooting techniques.




Outboards in ventilated test-tank cells provide actual running scenarios that mechanics may encounter in the field. They not only have to troubleshoot an engine problem but they also have to identify the root cause, not just fix the symptoms. Training includes using a laptop, the diagnostic software program along with specialized tools and testing equipment. The technicians are graded on each step in the repair process before they can advance to the next training engine.




Diplomas are awarded upon successful completion of the courses offered. Look for these awards when visiting your dealership as they are a testament of competency and training that the service employees have achieved. Dealer technicians are also required to study and be tested yearly on the annual service updates to keep them informed of new procedures, changes, or of any products that may have been recently introduced.






Evinrude's After-Sales Support team also offers technical phone and fax assistance for their authorized dealers. The group provides suggestions, new product troubleshooting, or a helping hand in many situations. This dealer support department, like Customer Service, consists of factory trained technicians armed with years of experience, a vast library of service literature, and access to engine history files. In addition there are specialists on hand for assisting with high-tech accessory items such as ICON digital shift and throttle controls along with the I-Command networking systems.


The After Sales Support section can assist and authorize the dealer in most cases to take care of complex warranty decisions or  situations right on the spot. The department is solely devoted to dealer assistance which is essential to keeping you the customer on the water during the busy boating season.


Evinrude's Customer Service contact information is published in your owners manual or you can call 262-884-5993 in the US or Canada with your engine serial number. When you purchase an Evinrude outboard motor, you can be assured that there is a team of professionals who stand ready to help you enjoy your boating experience. After all, Evinrude outboards have been in production for over 100 years and there is a reason for their success and longevity.



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Quality its not an accident!good Job!

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BRP has changed the outboard world with support and leading edge technology great Job

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Where is the link to the Free Hat?

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45" Musky caught 07 11 2012 my ETEC 25hp