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Technical Tidbits with Bill Grannis: New Evinrude Portable Outboard Motors for 2012

by on ‎03-15-2012 03:05



Ever since the first E-TECs were introduced at the 2003 Miami Boat Show, people asked when a full line-up of Evinrudes would become available. In the past few years the clamoring increased as Evinrude has become more popular and even as additional models have been added. For the 2012 model year Evinrude now has an outboard family ranging from single cylinder 3.5hp to a V-6 300hp - a full line-up of engines for today's boater.


Available in April nineteen models of  these engines will be produced in 3.5, 4, 6, 9.8, and 15hp sizes called Evinrude Portables. Now the person owning a canoe, small fishing boat, sailboat, or pontoon boat can sport a blue Evinrude outboard on the transom and the big water fisherman has a choice of kicker motors with the Evinrude name on them.


Unlike the E-TEC high-technology outboards in the 15 HO and larger sizes, the new portables are 4-stroke models with carburetors that meet the EPA, EU, and CARB 3-star ultra-low emission standards. You do not have to mix the gas and oil together in the fuel tank like the 2-stroke carbureted motors of the past. They also carry the standard Evinrude 3-year warranty (1-year commercial) and are serviced by Evinrude dealers.


The following are the specifications and features concerning the individual models.




The 3.5hp is a single cylinder 5.2 cubic inch outboard with an integral.26 gallonfuel tank. It is only available in a 15" shaft length, weighs41 pounds, and has a forward-neutral shifting gearcase.


For the mid-sized portable motors, both the 4hp and the 6hp have a similar single-cylinder powerhead configuration with a displacement of 7.5 cubic inches. The 4hp has an integral.29 gallonfuel tank and the 6hp uses a remote3.1 gallontank. Both models have full shifting forward-neutral-reverse gearcases. The 6hp is also available in a 25" shaft for sailboats or for a large-boat auxiliary engine. The 4hp and 6hp can be equipped with an optional 5-amp alternator for charging boat batteries.



Delivering more power and thrust, the twin cylinder 12.8 cubic inch 9.8 hp model is produced in either rope start or electric start versions with optional remote steering and controls. A 6 amp alternator is standard with the electric models and can be fitted to the rope start engines. A 20" or 25" length is available with power trim and tilt if desired. The long shaft rope start model weighs81.5 pounds. A3.1 gallonfuel tank is included.



The largest of the Evinrude portables is the15hp that is offered in various configurations including remote starting, remote controls, and power trim and tilt. Twin cylinders displace 21.4 cubic inches for greater torque to push heavier rigs and pontoon boats. Shaft lengths are 15" and 20" and it has a front mounted shifting lever. As with the other engines, a3.1 gallonfuel tank is included. Weight is around114.4 poundsin its lightest configuration.


Evinrude is committed to the E-TEC outboard and in their new multi-million dollar research facility they will continue to develop the technology for the future but many people may wonder why Evinrude contracted with Tohatsu for these small 4-stroke outboards.


According to Evinrude, they recognized the immediate need for a fleet of portable outboard motors and by offering these 4-strokes they can meet this need in a timely matter to simplify a customer's decision for a smaller Evinrude outboard. For over 100 years Evinrude has offered various technologies and these models, already a proven commodity, are the best choice at this time in the 3.5 to 15 horsepower range. 


on ‎03-16-2012 09:20

So now Tohatsu, Evinrude, Nissan and Mercury have the same small engines but with different decal design.

I understand the technical difficulties of implementing direct injection on smaller two strokes, but I'm sure as the technology gets more common, the smaller and more adaptable the injectors will become. I do sometimes wonder though, why the makers of four stroke outboard engines dont utilize this technology. I guess its because they dont really have to.

Anyways nice to see Evinrude have a full line up, though I do hope for a full DI two stroke line up some day :-)

on ‎03-16-2012 03:15

   This looks like a good lineup to meet the need at this point. I assume BRP will not offer the 20hp

Tohatsu because there might not be enough demand for it but there are a number of small lakes that

have a 20hp max where it would come in handy. Wondering if anybody knows what really happened

to the 9.9hp and 15hp E-Tec platform that I was told was being test run by a BRP tech on their customer service line a bit over a year ago?


‎04-06-2012 07:40 - edited ‎04-06-2012 07:42



The E-TEC engineering principle works for almost any size motor. Today's economic climate limits what can be produced for a competitive price point and greatly affects how many individual products would have to be sold to recoup the development costs.


By the same token, how many computer-controlled and electronically fuel-injected 9.9 and 15's from the other major outboard manufacturers do you see in the marketplace?

on ‎12-25-2012 08:52

With all due respect, Mr. Grannis-----that's kind of a lame reply---- "By the same token, how many computer-controlled and electronically fuel-injected 9.9 and 15's from the other major outboard manufacturers do you see in the marketplace?".. (what a "cop-out"..)


Evinrude and it's E-TEC engineering is suppose to be "cutting edge, smokin' (and sinking) the competition".. Nothing even close to it in the "EPA" department.. Better mileage, holeshot, wide open throttle, etc., etc.


I thought Evinrude and their ETEC Engineering was "An Originator, not an Imitator"..


Pretty sad to hear that their outlook is "Well, the "other guys" aren't-----so, why should we..??


A blue Tohatsu, huh..?? Who would've thought..