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An SL250 Class catamaran powered by an Evinrude E-TEC 250 H.O. outboard engine set a new national speed record of 128.71 miles per hour during the recent Records Week on Coniston water in the Lake District, UK. The boat was piloted by Keith Whittle, Managing Director of one of BRP’s premiere dealers, Powertech Marine in the United Kingdom.


Whittle’s record-setting performance with Evinrude E-TEC power, eclipsed the old record of 118.48 mph set at the 2008 Records Week. The Records Week event marks the end of the UK power boating season and Whittle was hopeful to cap off the season with a new record. What he didn’t expect was to exceed the old record by such a large margin. The weather conditions earlier in the week had been less than ideal, but the day of the run the water was perfect.


Whittle praised the Evinrude E-TEC technology for having tremendous torque and power, out of the box, enabling him to secure the new record and establish Evinrude E-TEC as the perfect engine to help establish his SL250 catamaran as the new flagship class in circuit racing.

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So when is BRP going to step up with their own racing program? In the US would be nice........


Speed Jr.

on ‎03-27-2012 09:22

Many Evinrude Fans are waiting for Evinrude to get there own racing Programe going.

Evinrude already have the Powerheads for the SST50, SST80 Tunnel Classes,-now Evinrude needs to

Develop it's 210ci 350 HO and use the Powehead for the SST 200 class.--were talking 135-140mph here.

and my vision would be 145mph for the SL250 Tunnel Class. Record.

I am a serious Evinrude Fan that would like to see Evinrude Break the 200mph Barrier---now thats being

on top of your game.-I truly believe that BRP/EVINRUDE have the know how and Technology.

Let's do it !