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Over 1,200 dealers and journalists came together in Montreal a few weeks ago to attend Club BRP and find out about Bombardier’s latest products. Among those products were the 2012 Evinrude outboard engines which we let them test out on Montreal’s serene Lachine Canal. The reviews are in and these new models are quite the hit! Not only do they already live up to the typical Evinrude E-TEC standards as fast, powerful and quite outboards…but these are even faster, quieter and more powerful.  We got out on the water to see the 2012 models in action. Take a look and see for yourself!



on ‎01-12-2012 12:58

evinrude motors all awsome and quiet


on ‎02-13-2012 06:28

The Racing world is looking for

[1] a 350 H.O. with same Displacement 210cu in

[2] a 15 inch shaft

[3] a shorter Transom unit

[4] a slicker less drag lower unit

[5] and capable of 7200 -7500 rpm

[6] 25-30LBS lighter [475-480lbs]

to outrun the Merc's.

The 250 H.O.makes about 275 hp and when set up right it will do the same speed as the

outdated Merc 2.5 -  The Evinrude 250 H.O is slower by 1mph due to Evinrudes extra weight.

Presently the 250 H.O. IS 2.5 MPH SLOWER than a Merc 300xs - not too bad but not good either.

Mercury is working on a new 300+ hp Low Emission High Performance Outboard and I am suggesting

BRP/Evinrude to do the same-----or get left behind !

From what I have heard the New Merc 3.0 is 206 cu in, it uses a more advanced Orbital DFI System

and is supposed to crank out 350 -360 Horse Power at 7200 -7400 rpm. with a 15inch shaft then they plan to use a special application mid section Design stolen from Evinrude and use the same

power head for the new low Emmissions F1 Tunnel Class.

Test have already shown that the New Merc 206 cu in Powerhead on a racing lower unit is capable of 400 H.P at 8000-8500 rpm which calculates to 135 -140 mph.--from a stock power head---the best we

could do on a tunnel haul was 128 mph using a Evinrude 250 H.O Powerhead.

Evinrude needs a 350 horsepower HO outboard motor .


on ‎08-23-2012 12:28

He driver says NO service for 300 hours or 3 years. The statement is patently incorrect.


The correct statement is NO DEALER SCHEDULED SERVICE FOR 300 hours or 3 years. A very different scenerio.   A great engine, quiet, superbly designed & manufactured & wonderful factory warranty. TIP: Never buy on price, select your dealer well & make a friend of him.