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E-Tec 115 HP Issues

I  have a 2013 115 HP E-Tec with many isuses. 1. After throttling back it steams, the dealer states that is normal. Been around boats about 45 years never saw a motor steam. Had oil issues, not the plugs are fouling and the RPM has dropped from 5800 to 5200. Dealer states not issues they can find. Had other issues. Sugestions?

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Re: E-Tec 115 HP Issues

I am sorry to hear about your issues with your Evinrude. You will find an explanation about steam coming out the idle relief hole and then dissapating answered in one of your other posts on this site.


The rpm loss you mentioned could be a number of things that a good technician would have to check, starting with the hull condition depending on any growth or slime buildup on it to performing a cylinder drop test on the motor.


Your dealer can take advantage of the toll-free dealer support hotline that is staffed by factory technicians who assist with hard to diagnose engine problems. Discuss this with your dealer if they are having difficulties with your motor and to check for any software updates. You can also talk to Evinrude After Sales Support with your engine's serial number by calling 262-884-5993. Be patient as this is the busiest time of year for them.




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