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This was a favorite when my late hubby and I would "play"  fish on the weekends. We'd normally be in tournaments on the weekends. The butter flavored Crisco, makes the batter melt in your mouth.


Servings for this depends on how many fish you brought home and how many folks you're feeding. Smiley Surprised)


1) Fliet then cut into chunks any bass you brought home. Hand rinse to make sure all the bones are gone. Place in a bowl of water.


2) Fill a heavy skillet half full with low calorie oil, then drop in 1/4 of a stick of butter flavored Crisco.


3) In a large mixing bowl combine corn meal, lemon pepper, and salt. * Go easy on the salt because the Crisco has enough salt in it already.


4) TURN ON SKILLET. Don't let the oil smoke. It should be hot enough to sizzle water when you sprinkle it in, though. Medium heat should be fine.


5) Cut up enough potatoes to feed your group. They can be french fries, waffle fries, or whatever shape you like them to be.


6) Carefully drop enough filets in the skillet to cover the bottom. When they start to float, turn them over. When both sides are golden brown, take out and place on a rack to cool a tiny bit. You should have paper towels underneath the rack to catch the grease.


7) Carefully place some of the potatoes in the oil. As they cook they will clean the oil and the residual cornmeal will adhere to the potatoes, thereby seasoning them. Remove when they're golden brown.


8) Alternate bass and potaotes untill everything is cooked.


9) If you're cooking for a large group, you'll need to add more oil and more Crisco halfway through, more than likely.