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Prop for etec 225HO on Bennington RL 2275 Pontoon?

In process of purchasing a new 2014 Bennington pontoon boat model RL2275 (22') with 2014 Evinrude etec 225HO outboard.  Boat has ESP pkg with 3 tubes, lifting strakes, aluminum under deck skin, and will be used mainly for cruising, skiing, and tubing.   Looking for the best prop for this combination and use.   Any and all help is appreciated.

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Re: Prop for etec 225HO on Bennington RL 2275 Pontoon?

Choosing the correct propeller for your type of boating is normally a trial and error situation. It is best to work with your dealer to try out different propeller sizes and styles to find one that best suits your needs.


The following link is a performance report on a 2275 Bennington with a 250 HO which is a very strong motor. It found the 18" Viper to work well. Based on that I would start with a 16" or 17" Viper with your 225hp motor. For skiing and tubing, you might want to try a 15" Rebel for a strong midrange and economical cruising.




With a pontoon boat is is advisable to prop it near the top rpm range to allow for additional people and gear aboard without lugging the motor. For your 225, somewhere in the 5600-5800 rpm range works well.




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Re: Prop for etec 225HO on Bennington RL 2275 Pontoon?

Bill, thanks for the good info.  All makes sense to me  Hopefully the dealer/service folks will work with me in trying different props if necessary to achieve best performance. 

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Re: Prop for etec 225HO on Bennington RL 2275 Pontoon?

I have an odyssey 322 with an etec 225ho using the viper 3 blade S's 19 pitch double cupped and trimmed trailing edge and it's great ...Top speed is 50 with just wife and me pulls tubes or skiers with ease..