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evinrude software

Is Evinrude engine management software and connector available to the public? I have an E75DPLSCB I just purchased on a 24ft pontoon. It was a new old stock engine bought and mounted in 2015 with less than 20 hrs on it since then according to the P.O. I have the receipt for the sale from one marina out of state.And one for the mounting from one here. I would like to be able to look not only at hours but performance data. W.O.T. I am showing 4,000 rpm on the tach and 22/23 mph via GPS. I dont know how accurate the tach is but speed seems about right using the performance comparisons you link to. does not the software show total hours and rpm ranges used?. The prop is 13.5X15 and a little beat up, I had to file it some to take burs off. I want to replace it with the right prop to get 5,000 rpm. What do you think? I appreciate your advice as getting near a marine mechanic mid season here is **bleep** near impossible and very expensive.