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15HO Evinrude E-TEC Review

After running the E-TEC 15HO as a "kicker motor" on my Ranger 620 VS - I would like to offer the following review:


I have never owned a "kicker motor" that has been as reliable or as consistent as the E-TEC 15HO!


It starts immediately, even after sitting for over a month without being run. While others contestants that don't run E-TEC are warming up their kickers in the morning before take-off for the tournaments, I am tying lines or focusing on the tournament ahead, knowing that my E-TEC will start, run and troll immediately.


Minor speed adjustments are vital to trolling success and the E-TEC 15HO has a button that allows for RPM adjustments up or down of 50RPM - which equates to @ a tenth of a mile per hour. Perfect for trolling success.


A long and centered tiller handle means you can place the E-TEC 15HO on either the starboard or port side of the boat. With the Tilt-n-Trim switch on the end of the tiller handle, quickly and easily found, trimming the engine is a breeze.


Also a beautifully matched set sitting next to my E-TEC 250HO Smiley Happy


If you own a small boat - the 15HO would be a great choice, with lots of thrust and reliability.


Great Fishing - Tommy Skarlis

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Re: 15HO Evinrude E-TEC Review

Does Evenrude make that RPM button for larger HP modles? I have a 2011 60hp Tiller with the ss Rouge prop and it won't go slow enough to troll. That RPM setup on the 15 hp tiller that Tommy's talking about sounds like the ticket??? I know Yamaha put them on there larger 60-90 hp tillers....Thanks Birch49

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Re: 15HO Evinrude E-TEC Review


Your 60hp has an electronic adjustable idle but it has to be set by a dealer using a laptop and the Evinrude Diagnostic software program.




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Re: 15HO Evinrude E-TEC Review

Is the touch troll option only available with the tiller handle?  Is it also available with the remote setup?  Thanks.