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2006 150 etec chronic overheat



We have had chronic overheat issues with our 150 etec. It has been in for service several times. The overheat doesnt always show up in the computer diagnostic though. Currently the engine is in for service due to an overheat and engine going into guardian mode. The mystery is that no code was thrown for overheat or engine guardian mode and engine water pressures indicated were within range. We have had the blow off valve replaced and issue still persists. Typically the overheat will happen after several hours of running both fast and slow. I have searched forum for previous posts on this issue and have seen several others with similar problems. I am wondering if it isnt more of a ECM glitch than an actual overheat? Any insight is appreciated. I will be contacting BRP and requesting them to investigate.



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Re: 2006 150 etec chronic overheat

I had a similar problem a couple of years ago. I eventually found the cooling tubes running thru the fuel pump were impacted with sand whiched starved the ECM of cold water and cooling. Unfortunately before I found the problem I cooked the ECM which cost $$$.


Check all your cooling lines by detaching them and making sure no trash is impeding flow.

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Re: 2006 150 etec chronic overheat

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Could you provide us with the model number of your motor as a 2006 model would be a FICHT engine and a 2007 model would be an E-TEC engine. Each has a different cooling system.

Has a dealer checked out the motor and determined which overheat code(s) were stored in the EMM that could point to the culprit and the start of troubleshooting?


An overheat warning light on the dash and the engine slowing down could mean several different things.




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