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250 and 300 G2 test Scout 255 LXF Tests

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I was reading the reviews on the Evinrude G2 and when looking ove the boat peformance tests I noticed some odd results.  The 250 H.O. and 300 HP G2 were tested on the same boat.  A  Scout 255 LXF .   The 250 H.O. G2 was tested in 2014 and the 300 was tested in 2015 a year later.   The same boat with similar loading and the 300HP motor used less fuel at every RPM and speed.  Significantly less I would say better than 10%.from idle up to nearly wide open.   Can anyone tell me how the more powerful engine would be more efficent?  Was there a cange to the fuel managment software over the course of the year to make the 300 burn less fuel?   Curious because I have a similar boat and thought the standard 250 would be enough motor and get the best fuel economy........thanks for any facts on the performance tests.


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Re: 250 and 300 G2 test Scout 255 LXF Tests

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Most of the time, a larger motor can loaf along where as a less powerful motor must struggle constantly to keep up with the larger one.  More throttle opening means more fuel consumed.




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Re: 250 and 300 G2 test Scout 255 LXF Tests

I had twin 250s on my 31 Ocean Master and she is a heavy boat.I weent to twin 300s and got a LOT better fuel economy.I got a 1/2 more mile a gllon.I went from 1 Mpg to 1.5 Mpg, I had to run my 250s at 4000 Rpm to go 30 Mph,I run my 300s at 3500 Rpm and ge 30 MPH.