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E-Tec 130 on a Lund Tyee GS

I replaced my 98 140 Johnson on my 98 17.5 Lund Tyee GS 2 years ago with an E-Tec 130. The dealer said I'd get 3-4 MPH more top end and oil consumption would be less then the 140. Yah right...10 less HP...give me a break!  Much to my surprise he wasn't BS'in me. I have been more then pleased with this motor. Faster, cleaner, and quieter. I could never talk to others in the boat while running to a fishing spot because the old 140 was so loud, and, with the top up, it sounded like you were in the pits at a NASCAR race. Now we can talk at a normal volume and really enjoy the ride. The old 140 started OK but only after patience, practice and some times a little luck, especially in real cold weather. The 130 starts the first time every time no matter the season. Maintenance is also a big plus. No oil changes and winterization is a snap. I have to say that this motor has been one of the best, if not the best purchase I have ever made. The engineers and designers not only got it right they created a world class product. Great job! John Ott