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Etec 150 overheating

I purchased a new eTec 150 last August and have been running it on weekends since installing it on my 30' Trakker pontoon boat.  Within the past month, the HOT indicator sounds within five minutes of running the engine to half throttle.  The dealer has replaced the impellor but the unit continues to indicate HOT.  The latest assessment from the dealer is the propellor pitch is the problem as is the increasing lake water temperature.  The lake is currently at 88 degrees at the surface, the same as it was when the engine was installed last August.  The propellor hasn't changed.  


After reading the reviews about powerheads failing and other issues with the engine, I am deeply concerned about the situation with my engine.  


Does it make sense to anyone at Evinrude or others on this forum that the propellor pitch or surface water temperature can be causing the engine to overheat?


Looking for assistance before the engine burns itself up.  



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Re: Etec 150 overheating

There are a number of situations that can cause an engine to overheat.


Often, just replacing the impeller will not always fix the problem. It is better to install the complete water pump kit for best results as it also contains all new seals and gaskets. The thermostats and seals should be inspected and the new reduced-rate spring assembly installed in the pressure relief valve. There are optional higher-flow water inlet screens available if needed.


Your dealer can use a laptop with the diagnostic software to find out which cylinderhead is getting too hot or if it is a restricted cooling flow to the fuel pump assembly and the EMM. A water pressure test at all rpms could show if there is a disturbed water flow or aeration getting into the water inlets.


Evinrude has a dealer support tech line to help with hard to diagnose problems. Discuss this with the service manager.


Propeller pitch will not cause overheating unless possibly it is causing the engine to run far below the recommended rpm range and water temperature affects the cooling only somewhat. For best results on a pontoon boat, your engine should turn up close to 6000 rpm with a light load aboard.




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