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G2 225 H.O. (2018) Boston Whaler repower WINTERIZATION report

Winterization Report/Review:


Etec G2 225 H.O. installed May 2018.

51 hours running time

Trailer kept, day trips only


Usage estimates (+- 1 hr)

12 hours saltwater - Long Island Sound

23 hours Hudson River Approx 30ppm salinity average

15 hours Lake George, NY  (freshest on the planet!)


Winterized by computer 10/8/18, Catskill NY.  Hudson River


Before retrieving after our leaf-peeping trip to the Port of Albany, I pressed the Winterize button.

The motor jumped to about 1200 RPM for about 45 seconds, then shut off.  All within expected parameters according to owner's manual.


October 13:

Pulled Prop.  Splines were greased (dealer install) but less than I would have applied

Thrust washer was seized to the shaft collar.  I tapped (GENTLY) the washer toward aft with a wooden mallet. No movement.  I tapped harder than I wanted to and the washer broke loose.  


I noted some corrosion on the stainless shaft.  I was VERY surprised to see this.  I had boated similarly with a 90HP Ocean Pro for 12 years and never had ANY signs of corrosion on the shaft.  


I cleaned the shaft with a towel and rubbed the corrosion with a popsicle stick.  The corrosion came loose and the prop shaft was like new.  I turned my attention to the washer.


The washer appeared to be brass and had visible rust matching the material I had removed from the prop shaft.  Once again, VERY surprised.  I was thinking..."What if I had left the boat in the water while camping on the islands?  What if I had twice as many saltwater hours...what would it look like then?".  

The engine zincs looked appropriately sacrificed and there was no corrosion on any painted surfaces on the lower unit.


I am planning to inquire with my dealer regarding the dissimilar metals in this configuration and ask about an "upgrade" to a stainless thrust washer.  Perhaps the corrosion warranty covered this part.


Item 2:  I have seen reference to this before.  Upon removing the starboard cowl, I noticed the stripping had been compromised.  This must have happened at installation by the dealer for I had not removed the cowl during the season. 

Evidence of water intrusion existed as small puddles inside the housing.  The material was not elastic enough to re-install properly.  Will inquire with my dealer about new stripping and possible warranty coverage.


Boat and motor are all shrink-wrapped until the Striper run next spring.  I am still a G2 enthusiast and expect my dealer to help out with my issues.  I will report back as things develop.


I welcome feedback and commentary to this posting.

Thanks for reading!


stripping sm.jpgshaft 2 washer corrosion sm.jpgthrust washer and shaft sm.jpg


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Re: G2 225 H.O. (2018) Boston Whaler repower WINTERIZATION report



There are many grades and types of stainless steel. Notice the name says "stainless, not stainproof" as the old saying goes.


High strength stainless steel may develop surface corrosion, that is normal, especially if used in saltwater.


A thrust washer normally is hard to remove as it is a tapered fit on the propshaft and has to withstand the thrust loads and the shock loads that are transmitted through the propeller.




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The information offered here is only general in nature and should not be construed as complete factory approved procedures, techniques, or specifications. Always use the proper service manual for your motor, up-to-date service literature, the correct tools, and have an understanding of how to proceed with troubleshooting and repair methods. If you are unsure or uncomfortable with a procedure, a situation, or a technique, enlist the services of a factory trained technician.

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Re: G2 225 H.O. (2018) Boston Whaler repower WINTERIZATION report

Another reason for thrust washers sticking to the tapered shaft. The older engines with rubber hub props we're installed with the nut "just snug", the newer TBX hub props are torqued to 70 lb/ft.