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G2300hp starts w/switch in off position

Key switch would start with key in on position suddenly but occasionally would require to turn to start position after approximately 50 hours of use w/new key switch. I ordered a new key switch p/n 700536 but before receiving new switch engine started with key in OFF position while fishing. Could not stop the engine by disconnecting key switch cable or safety lanyard. Had to shut fuel to engine to stop it. I reattached the cable and engine continued to try to restart till cable disconnected. Today plugged new switch in and nothing. No gauge no start only faint click noise from harness area. Plugged in old switch in and in off position it started. Trim tilt works fine. Have check engine on I command gauge and maybe a “H” code took it to dealer who observed but is very busy with winterizing boats. I’m missing fall fishing season!! Other history engine now has 170 hours total. New controls @ 107 hours. At 107 hours power steering leaked and caused catastrophic failure making hard turn & throwing me in water @44 mph. Luckily at that time the safety lanyard worked as by sheer luck my finger snagged it as I was thrown overboard serial # is 05442611. I want to like this engine but two major problems and it burns a lot of oil too!! Any one else w/same problems or suggestions. Warranty runs out next year!