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Need another 30hp Etec

I have a 30hp etec that is a great little motor and I would like to pick up a second for another boat.

Problem I'm having is locating what I need this time.


Last one was the 30hp with remote, electric start, and power trim/tilt in a 20" long shaft.


This time I would like the same configuration in a short shaft, but it doesn't look to be available in the specs on the web site.


However, my local sales guy says the E30DRG is the motor I want and it can get everything I want.  I know the tiller can be removed for remote, and I think electric start is an option, but can they really add power trim tilt without adding an aftermarket plate of some kind (that I really don't want)?

I sure hope so because I want that new 10 year warrantee...

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Re: Need another 30hp Etec

Power trim is only availble on the 20" models. - Bolt on transom extensions are available to raise motor 5" 

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Re: Need another 30hp Etec

jt, I know it's an old thread but wanted to say that the factory tilt n trim 20" shaft motor uses the 40hp transom bracket. I measured one a few days ago and the 15" engine does not have the clearance to install that bracket. It would be more cost effective to go with the 20" and a fixed jack plate than converting. Still haven't figured out why there is enough market for a short 25 electric but not a 30 short electric start.