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Re: Two Powerhead failures within 80hrs

Who is Travis? It is Bill that has been replying to your posts and questions so at least you could call him by the right name. You say you were told this was an optional factory warranty-by who, I am guessing the selling dealer, if so you should call them and ask them. Here we get 5 years factory backed warranty but over the in USA there are third party companies that deal with many outboard companies.

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Re: Two Powerhead failures within 80hrs - Fuel Injectors?

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May not be related but you said:

"computer showed 85% of run time was between 1000 to 2500 rpm."

That's a lot of time at low rpms. I saw on a another forum that E-TECS don't like too much low speed use as it can cause carbon buildup which can cause many problems including injectors, plugs, VST (check filter), stuck exhaust valve, etc.
Make sure you get close to max rpm at WOT.
They suggest we give it a burn often. Check that the exhaust valve opens at 4200+rpm.
I also do a lot of slow trolling and cruise around 3500rpm which I thought was good for the engine - but it's apparently not.

What was the cause of your injector failures (dirt, water,carbon, etc). Can an injector failure cause a power head failure?

You've had more that just bad luck.

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