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What Do You Love About Your Ranger/Evinrude Boat Package?

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What do you love about your Ranger boat rigged with an Evinrude?
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Re: What Do You Love About Your Ranger/Evinrude Boat Package?

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My husband won our Ranger boat. He placed 1st on the Potomac River Regional in 2009! That boat has changed our lives. He was able to stop competing as a co-angler and moved into the boater category.  He has the opportunities to win more money as a boater. He got to fish the 2010 BFL All-American in Arkansas as a result of winning that regional and then he placed high enough the following year and we went to Louisiana for the 2011 All-American! That boat has been on MANY, MANY road trips! He was able to customize the colors and other options to his liking. The Evinrude motor is the icing on the cake! The boat itself is beautiful, but that motor makes the heads turn!  Thank you for wanting to know what we love about our Ranger/Evinrude boat package! Sherri Russler Falling Waters, WV398.JPG

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Re: What Do You Love About Your Ranger/Evinrude Boat Package?

I love my Evinrude E-TEC 250 HO powered Ranger 621vs! I bought it new this winter, and so far I am very impressed! What I really love:
1. Quiet
2. Powerful
3. Beautiful look with the charcoal color option and my Rangers 45th anniversary color package.

The time to plane was much quicker than I expected for such a big boat. The fact you can barely hear the outboard running from 25 feet away is awesome! My Evinrude is smooth as can be throughout the RPM range. I also really appreciate the interaction between my Lowrance electronics and my E-TEC via the NMEA 2000 network. Also knowing that I'm having all this fun cruising with the lowest possible impact on the environment sets my mind at ease.

Job well done to both the engineering teams from Evinrude and Ranger. You knocked this one out of the park in my opinion!

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Re: What Do You Love About Your Ranger/Evinrude Boat Package?

I love my 75HP ETEC ,but it needs a Ranger attached to it, Thats what Im talking about......Smiley Surprised