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What Do You Love About Your Starcraft/Evinrude Boat Package?

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What do you love about your Starcraft boat rigged with an Evinrude?
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Re: What Do You Love About Your Starcraft/Evinrude Boat Package?

 Last summer I bought a Starweld 18 with a 115 ETEC.

The boat will 44MPH with a perfect cruise of 38MPH.

The 115 ETEC on a 18ft boat with a 90in beam will get the same economy as my old 70 Johnson two stroke on a 16ft boat with a 80 in beam.

The top speed of the Johnson 70 was only 30mph.

The upgrade to the ETEC on a larger more comfortable boat was well worth it and the enhanced performance is a definite plus.

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Re: What Do You Love About Your Starcraft/Evinrude Boat Package?

I love my Starcraft/Evinrude Combo because: (Here's the list!)
My dad's boat was a Starcraft...
I loved that boat!
I've watched Ship Shape forever, and learned almost everything I know about E-tec from that show!!!
I ordered my Superfisherman 186 in 2011 and it was supposed to come with a Optimax, but with months of delay due to lack of supply, I ended up choosing to upgrade to a 150 E-tec that the dealer had in stock! I feel it was meant to be!
The white of the E-tec matches the white of my Superfish like they were in the same paint booth!
I can get my boat up to 45 mph on the GPS!
The hole shot is super fast getting my kids up on their skis!
I love hitting late and early season water... then winterizing my E-tec at the launch in 2 minutes!
I love fishing out of my DREAMBOAT!
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Re: What Do You Love About Your Starcraft/Evinrude Boat Package?

Well last season I upgraded to a 90 e tec, from a 1988 90 Evenrude, it was a good engine but getting long in the tooth and hard on gas, well this new e tec has the same performance and alot less gas and oil, I have this on a 1988 Starcraft holiday 18 ft, I think will be good for another couple of decades lol