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What Do You Love About Your Sylvan/Evinrude Boat Package?

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What do you love about your Sylvan boat rigged with an Evinrude?
Reply to this post with your comments, photos and videos and we'll pick one entry to recieve a $100 gift card to the Evinrude online store by April, 30th 2013. 
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Re: What Do You Love About Your Sylvan/Evinrude Boat Package?

Only have had my Sylvan pontoon and E-Tech for a year. So far, love the E-Tech. Love the pontoon as well except very disappointed that as a paying customer, i am not aloowed to contact the company. I tried writing a letter with a couple questions and sent it to the address on their website, but they never contacted me back. Sad.
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Re: What Do You Love About Your Sylvan/Evinrude Boat Package?

Have you tried calling Sylvan Inc. in Indiana, (574) 831-2950 ?




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