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2012 E-Tec 90 Steers Hard

I'm looking at buying a boat with a 2012 E-Tec 90.  The boat tracks straight at idle and at speed.  However, it is very easy to steer to the right, but requires practically 2 hands to steer to the left.  The boat does not have power steering.  The torque steer fin on the engine is already set with some left turn bias.  


Any idea what the issue might be?  Or just plan on getting power steering?



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Re: 2012 E-Tec 90 Steers Hard

I think you have the torque tab set incorrectly. The back of the torque tab should be moved to the right. Yes, it seems backwards but the tab does not act like a rudder, it redirects prop thrust so moving it to the right will reduce steering effort to the left. Also engine trim angles can make a big difference on which direction an engine "pulls". All hulls perform differently, some pull one way trimmed down and the other way trimmed fully up.
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Re: 2012 E-Tec 90 Steers Hard

Does it turn freely on the trailer? If not, you might need to lube the steering rod. On my previous boat, i had the same issue with a 90yam. Had to replace the whole teleflex system after about 8 years of use (saltwater environment) and at 14 years, i had to replace the steering tube, right before i sold it. Good luck.
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