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Baitcast Gear Ratio Advice

I've fallen in love with baitcast over the past year and I'm ready to make a major upgrade on my primary Rod / Reel and willing to spend up to $400 to make it happen.

Im currently obsessed with the new Abu Garcia Revo SX Rocket at a $179.99 price point and plan to pair it with the new Abu Veracity casting rod (7' medium fast) $199.99

My only concern is the new Rocket only comes with a 9.0:1 gear ratio.

This is an extremely fast reel with 37" IPT and I'm worried it's more suited to be a specialty reel and won't work as an all around go to setup.

Is it a safer bet to go with the regular Revo SX and bypass the Rocket or is speed the new must have for all applications?

Thanks in advance for any advice and insight!

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Re: Baitcast Gear Ratio Advice

That speed is for lures that need to be cranked fast. Making it not the best choice for a all around reel.  6 and 7.1 is more the norm for all around. Some presentations need to be even slower where a 4 or 5 to 1 is the desired speed. It just depends how you fish um.