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Basic tips for fishing.

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to fish a river with a fast current. I’ve read that the key to fishing in these is using weights to get the bait to sink and not get carried away. But every time I try this I manage to get caught on sticks/rocks. Any suggestions? Should I just try to find a new spot?

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Re: Basic tips for fishing.

There are lots of diferent weights to be used including pensil weights that are long and skinny so as to pull free from rocks, also you could use a 3 way swivel one end to main line one to leader for hook and the third line lighter line to the weight so if snaged on rocks could be broke off without loosing fish,or line/leader/hook.

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Re: Basic tips for fishing.

What are you fishing for?

For some species (especially trout) it can be good to let your bait drift in the current. This requires keeping a close eye on your line, taking up any slack, and reeling in before your line drifts into shore or into a snag. It's a much more active style of fishing. You also have to be sure to use enough weight to keep your bait close to the bottom, but not so much that its continually snagging. https://airlinesreservations.info/


Alternately, you can keep your bait stationary and let the fish sniff it out...this is often a better approach for catfish or other more scent-oriented species. You can use more weight to hold your bait in the current, but its usually easier and more effective to fish out of the main current. Not necessarily in slack water, but its good to find an eddy or a pool or a bit of slack water behind a boulder. Fish don't like bucking the current all the time, so they're naturally attracted to these kinds of spots. https://vlc.vin/