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Captain Bouncer Smith Talks Evinrude and Dusky Charters

by on ‎03-30-2011 02:00


A typical day for Bouncer Smith means setting out on the Atlantic, catching everything from barracuda to mahi-mahi or spotting  randomly spottling a slew of sea turtles or dolphins. Bouncer spends most of his life on a charter boat and he trusts his Dusky and his Evinrude completely. He believes the two were meant for each other. They make each trip comfortable, safe and exciting! 

on ‎08-03-2011 09:47

I run inboards off shore here in SC.in my Bertram sportfisher. But for inshorefishing and lake fishing I prefer outboards. I just purchased a new 250 E tec to replace a 225 efi black motor witch is the second one last year to eat a piston. I put it on my 1970 20' Glassmaster tryhull that has used up 6 motors after being changed over from I/o to outboard  in 1983.This new E tec has been amazing with its fuel consumption I fish almost everyday in the winter for schooling striped bass on our SC. inland lakes running and gunning after birds I am anxious to see how it will perform in freezing temps,sleet, snow and wind

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