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Cool Blue Now

Hello E-Nation members,


I have owned in some form or another a Johnson or Evinrude outboard products for 35 years now. my current out board is tired and in need of repairs its a 225 ficht FI outboard. Yes, i know all the story about OMC blah blah blah.


I run a non profit group that takes young folks out on the pacific Ocean here and show them what its all about. from whale watching to whats in the ocean. you would be supprised at how many people have no clue. or maybe you would.


With all that said i have a campain via social media crowd funding looking for help on indiegogo.com please check it out  Even if your not willing or dont want to maybe tell one person that might have an interest as it goes to a good cause.




I personally spend hours taking young folks out on the ocean on my boat showing them many asspects of boating and all about the pacific ocean. But i have been down now for 2 months at my peak time cause of my old 225 outboard is done.


All im asking for is small token via the indiegogo site to make a difference from 5 bucks to 25 bucks. If you had a chance when you were young and standing on the dock and a guy said want a ride? would you go? (with parents permission of course and life jackets etc.)


Im sure you would have loved it.


Help me show hundreds of young people how to get into boating and about the Ocean that surrounds us.


thank you in advance for your thoughts.




like us on facebook at http://facebook.com/coolbluenow



Safe boating allSmiley Happy