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I like learning new things!

Shakespeare and Zebco both make inexpensive and reliable combos. Next, decide on the fish you want to catch! Let me tell you how I decide! I think, "I want to drink a lot of beer today and hang out with friends!" CATFISH. If I think "I want fast action (catching fast, lots of nibbling) and an easier fish!" BREAM/BLUEGILL. If I say "I want to get serious, hone in my fishing game, pay close attention!" BASS. Let's say you want catfish, check out carolina rigging with 1/2 oz egg sinker and a circle hook. Try chicken liver/shad/shinners as bait (throw the bait out in the water and then start drinking the beer, after two or three beers check your bait). Bream is your best bet imo. Clip on a small bobber about a foot above your little crappie jig head. Try cricket, worms, bread and you will catch em. But... Say you want to catch bass... get gud. No just joking! Buy a magic device called a shakey head! It's just like your crappie jig but bigger (get one with a bait pegging device like a screw head). Try soft plastics like ribbon tail worms or crayfish imitations (drag slowly and hop along the bottom). You will catch fish! GL and HF! EDIT: I would also like to add that you can mix it up man. Start with the Bream, once you have a 3 or 4 oz fish tie a 2/0 hook about a foot or so under a bigger bobber. Throw it out and wait for a big bite. It could be a bass or a gato.

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Re: I like learning new things!

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I have a bad habit of hearing about something or an event, and then finding myself going home and spending my night researching it.

I have since became a know it all and a pit of useless information according to my girlfriend.


thanks and regards

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