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Just purchased a Sea Ark Bay Fisher and Evinrude E-tec Engine?

Just bought the used boat I wanted and it came with an Evinrude E-Tec 115.... My question is:  Did I do good with the Evinrude?   Over the years I've always had an OMC product labeled as a Johnson or Evinrude and all two-stroke.

My boating history goes back over sixty years and my experience has been exclusively with those two names..


It looks as though the Evinrude of today has nothing in common with the Evinrude of yesterday... 


Did I buy correctly?   The motor is a  2008 E115DSLSC  with 53 hrs. on it... I have the computer print out on the cycles and the only thing unusual seems to be the high number of starts (1125) against the engine hrs.   The boat was used in and around the Sanibel and Pine Island area of Florida... 


I would have bought the boat no matter what brand of engine was on it.    Hopefully I'll get some agreement that the Evinrude brand was a smart purchase..   I dont' even get to try it out until January of 2014... I can't wait....



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Re: Just purchased a Sea Ark Bay Fisher and Evinrude E-tec Engine?

You made the right decision. You are going to be amazed at the power the 115 has and the fuel mileage you get with it. I had a pair of 115 before I went with the 130's and now the new 135's. The 115's and 130's have more grunt than any other 4 cylinder on the market and like I mentioned the fuel burn is better than the others also. You will enjoy the engine. Good luck and be safe.

David Lucas (Evinrude Pro-Staff)