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Need advice/gear list for saltwater fishing

The wife gave me the go ahead to buy everything we'll need for pier and/or surf fishing for our vacation in late April. We'll be in Destin, FL for about a week and rather than renting gear I would like to purchase it so that I have it for future trips. I've never fished saltwater and I'm not a very experienced freshwater fisherman. But I enjoy fishing immensely. So I need advice from you fine folks on where to get started AND if you have any gear recommendations for someone starting from scratch that would be fantastic. I have a budget of roughly $400 for everything. Also I have some gift cards for Cabelas so if you have any recommendations from there that would be helpful as well.

Thank you in advance!

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Re: Need advice/gear list for saltwater fishing

what you are fishing for and where...how deep...still fishing..trolling, all enter into equation. look for local fishing group out of Destin or bait shops. a local guide trip helps emensly for good info...money well spent for entering into salt water fishing. fresh water gear will not survive in salt water environment...
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Re: Need advice/gear list for saltwater fishing

Spend $300 on a 1/2 day fishing guide in Florida and $100 on a basic fishing rod and tackle setup. You'll catch more fish, less frustration, and probably own a boat within the year!
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