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Pick your passion: Saltwater v. Freshwater

I love both!!! If I have a fish on the line, I'm a happy girl - be it a marlin, a bass, snook, rainbow trout, whatever. I grew up saltwater fishing but developed an interest in freshwater fishing when the weather blew up and we couldn't head offshore. Freshwater fishing gave us a chance to still spend time on the water as a family even when the wind was blowing. These days I fish saltwater and freshwater (bass) tournaments! I like the variety of saltwater and the challenge of landing big fish but I also like the mental challenge of freshwater and trying to find the big ones. Looking back - I've fished for a lot of different species throughout my travels and I can honestly say a fish is a fish - they all look for structure and something to eat. It's just a matter of tweaking techniques and tackle a little, reading the water and conditions etc. My basic strategy (or starting point at least) is to find structure that holds bait and find an artificial that best represents what the fish are feeding on. Tell me more about the freshwater lures you've tried and the fish you're targeting and maybe I can help point you in the right direction!