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Quick advice on saltwater fishing equipment.

Hey everyone,
I go to the beach about once a year and always buy a $40 beater rod and reel combo to do my fishing for the week I’m there. Would like to get a nice travel set up that I can put as checked luggage on an airplane. Looking to spend no more than $250 for the rod and reel combo. I know that’s not very much as really good gear gets expensive but on a budget because being an adult sucks. Strictly pier and shore fishing, would like something strong enough to fight snook and tarpon as they frequent the areas I fish.

Any advice would be helpful.

Thank you.


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Re: Quick advice on saltwater fishing equipment.

Snook and Tarpon from the beach can be caught with a 20lb rod and reel as theres lots of open water,most peirs have rods for rent, as for travel gear i would suggest a 2 piece rod and a hard case/tube to protect it. Even a piece of pvc with a screw on end cap. You would be best served with the longest rod for casting from the beach and maybe a penn spinning reel in a 20lb class. Good luck what ever you come up with.