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Tips for catching live bait from a kayak.

So I am fishing deep water out here in guam from a kayak. I would say vertical jigging is the #1 technique used by guys in yaks and all the charters are just trolling artificials.


I want to start using live bait but have had no luck catching any. I have caught a few flying fish but that involves letting some small squid strips hang below a bobber which just ends up getting in the way if I am jigging and is very unreliable.


I have tried dropping sabakis but even they do not produce unless its a trigger fish. Here the water drops off incredibly fast. From shore to reef can average 5-10 feet then past the reel you can be in a 1000ft of water or more less than a mile off shore.

Any Ideas or tips

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Re: Tips for catching live bait from a kayak.

Hey there, I live in S.Florida and here the best time to catch bait is early in the morning (3 to 5 AM). My son kayak fishes in a hobe alot and also vertical jigs but often live baits at the same time. He uses small 1/8 OZ jigs in shallow water (15 ft) early in the morning to catch gogle eye, skip jacks, blue runners etc.

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Re: Tips for catching live bait from a kayak.

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Looks like on the north eastern side of asan beach park there are some rocks and structure. I would spend an hour there with some squid catching bait before you hop in the kayak. I can't cast a net yet and always catch my bait. Usually look for some rocks and just hammer bait quick. 9Apps VidMate apk 9Apps apk